Design and development of a Leisure Multiplex

Location Farébersviller 57450 - France

Date 2017-2018

Duration 5 months

Surface 7000 sqm

Budget 900K € excl. tax (excl. equipment)

Photos © Pascal Otlinghaus

Partners Joséphine Bonne / Valentin Meignan

In 2017, Atelier GMD was chosen to be the head of design by the Parisian company Airtrix. We are participating to the development of leisure multiplexe in France. The agency is taking care of the interior design, fit out and decoration. We have been also asked to take care of the specifications creation.

The adventure began by the creation of a first multiplex located in Moselle, France in the city of Farebersviller. It is no less that the biggest leisure complex in France with a total of 7000sqm of indoor space.

This leisure complex was integrated to the brand new commercial center “B’est”, designed by Scau Architecture, a Parisian agency.

The design started in December 2017. The first outstanding site opened very quickly on 11th April 2018, deadline due to the inauguration of the commercial center.

Airtrix started this project with the ambition to become the leisure center reference by a proposition of an easy integration to modern commercial centers. A architectural coherence was absolutely mandatory together with new and fresh ideas which is sorely lacking in this type of constructions.

Airtrix wished to open on a wide time slot and attract a multi-generational audience.

Everyone should feel good, children and parents.

The main issue about the architectural concept was to combine several atmospheres like sport, fun, day, night. Thus, these venues should allow remembering the gaming imaginary and happy memories.

The main volume was designed in a neutral manner together with some modules added up as a kind of micro architecture. The black background helps to highlight Airtrix colours and materials, pink, blue and poplar plywood. It also highlights people wandering about in the aisles, all are different, interesting.

We drew the living areas as the main bar with in mind the “Guinguette” spirit typical of suburban in the early 20th century way of life around the river. The lighting effects reminds of funfair. All these references were taken to be adapted to very innovative and contemporary style. The use of curves was essential to form an easy path and bring a playful spirit to the Airtrix design.

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