New restaurant concept

Designed together with Glenn Medioni agency

Location Paris 75020 - France

Date 2017

Duration 4 months

Surface 48 sqm

Budget 100K€ excl. tax

Photos © Pascal Otlinghaus

Partners Joséphine Bonne / Florian Godineau

Aimé Ménilmontant is new restaurant concept specialized in soups, salads and juices.

The design found its source in the Belleville’s food market alley reminding of a Parisian old “bistrot”.

Aimé Menilmontant is a warm, hybrid and modern venue with traditional material and lighting inspiration. The linearity of metallic structure due to tarpaulin softness has guided our first drafts.

Aimé is participating to the 20th district new trend, evolving, dynamic and innovative but still attached to its history.

The project was designed by the talented Glenn Medioni (A.I) and Alexandre Arzuman for the graphical charter.

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