New coffee-restaurant concept

Designed together with Glenn Medioni agency

Location Paris 75018 - France

Date 2017

Duration 4 months

Surface 65 sqm

Budget NC

Photos © Pascal Otlinghaus

In Middle of Montmartre, next to the "Folies Pigalle", two coffee lovers, Carine and Pascal, came to Paris to share their experiences inspired from their many trips.

They finally met in Paris after one came from Sidney and the other from London to create Sylon. Sylon is an authentic coffee house where one can savor organic food and "green" food. Their priority remains taste and quality.

Atelier GMD made the interior design of this place. We got our inspiration from the classical Haussmann style typical from Paris. We wished to revisit this style with a cozy and housewarming style that would make everybody and especially the coffee house customers at home. Several codes are reminding of this house but there is a difference: This place is well established and completely unveiled to the street. As we cross the frontage, we discover its raw structure, degraded. An aged mirror disturbs everything while objects are floating...

It is a 2 step, 3 step immersion, a bit like a waltz offering a detour to love... 

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