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Extension and total restructuring

Location Noisiel 77186 - France

Date 2016

Duration 1 year

Surface 85 sqm

Budget 120K€ excl. tax

Photos © Matthis Mouchot

This little brick corner house located in the middle of the Menier city in Noisiel in the Parisian eastern suburbs represents early 20th century workers life at the time of the chocolate factory Menier. All the little spaces stacked altogether were difficult to adapt to the modern way of living. That’s why an extension was obvious…

We drew this extension on the same model as the existing house but with different dimensions. We took a smaller and more discrete approach with as main objective to enhance the cultural heritage. It appeared very quickly that the extension needed to be covered with a dark material to highlight the red brick. We covered the wall of grey plywood with a dark coloured sheet metal.

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The idea of a dark material covering the extension to bring out the red-coloured brick wall appeared very quickly as quite obvious. We covered the wall with a grey plywood with a sheet metal of the same colour.

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We decided to use a pure white on the interior walls to emphasize the contrast. The extension of the tapered cover creates a shelter and brings up a simple but modern touch to the overall.

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The interior fit out was the starting point of this study. This project would work only the condition that each square meter would be optimized.

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The extension consists of a large open space with a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. The existing house contains the bedrooms, bathroom and a small office.

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