The Rolling Sofa

11th contest Cinna – New Talents

Developping a project around a modern use of materials: Plain wood, metal, foam, textiles

Date 2017

Duration 1 month

Materials Plain wood, metal, foam, textiles

Size 220x105x87 cm

Partners Joséphine Bonne / Valentin Meignan

“The Rolling Sofa” was designed to adapt to the several moment of life, friendliness and sharing. Whenever it is with family, friends or in a co-working environment, it is an invitation to spending time with our relatives.

This bed – sofa is a playful and simple idea born a rigid seat. It can become a chaise longue, a bed or everything together on which 6 persons can relax or 3 persons can take a peaceful nap.

The dimension and the notion of space were replaced by the idea of lifestyle in our modern times. It is a place to read, play, work, rest or chill. It is a place to take advantage of the time whatever how you spend it.

The sofa does not hinder the movement of people once all his skins unfolded. The looking like thick carpet bed gradually fades out. It reveals its refined structure, made of wood and metal but keeps its classical design. Like a skin, wood wraps around the metal, showing the example.

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