7th contest CINNA - New talents

The theme was “movement”. The projects should translate an idea of movement which may highlight one of the following characteristics: Flexible, extendable, adjustable, movable. 

Date 2013

Duration 1 month

Materials polycarbonate, polyethylene, led, neoprene

Size 285x85x40 mm

Elane is a lamp but also a wall fixture, a suspension and a night light. This flying object is part of our day to day life. An intuitive interaction gets created by its opening angle at 180degrees. The user dims the light intensity by a simple gesture. The light is coming from the very heart of the object, gently touches the interior walls and then scatters away.

We focused our research on the nomadism inside the living places in a context when one is appropriating the places for oneself depending on one’s mood and needs.

An object for oneself, which one lay, opens, closes or hangs. A simple object fully functional and fluid that can adapt to any usage.

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