The Cloud

Rehabilitation of the “Pavillon de Bercy”, Paris, France

Utopian project

Date 2012

The cloud is a place dedicated to rest. It is made for people feeling tired of the rhythm of everyday life.

The cloud is a mass filled with water, slowly moving is space and deforming with wind. We chose the cloud to be a symbol of slowness and also a genuine graphical charter for the project. We believe it is above all an innovative idea which aims to change mentalities.

A cloud entered an old industrial building and took its shape. The particular volume is binding with the symmetry of the pavilions bypassing its reliefs like a cloud facing the mountains.

The cloud is more than a place to rest as it offers a true sensory experience. It is possible to lay down in a flower and contemplate the lights of an aurora borealis or have a drink in one of the alcoves.

This is a surprising futuristic architecture with a synthetic resin shell. I wanted to allow people passing through the building the option to wander about without constraints.

“Habiter un espace commence par son appropriation” 

 Martin Heidegger

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